Steve Ballmer Launches New Tool That Accounts US Government Spending

This Tax Day, Balmer started, its a website that gives North America's plain Janes and ordinary Joe's a big picture of where their tax money ends up.

Security Wed Apr 19 2017

Sony Xperia X Concept Units To Get Android 7.1.2 Nougat This Week

Owners of the Xperia X smartphone that's part of Sony's Concept for Android program is in for good news.

Security Tue Apr 18 2017

Leaked NSA Spying Tools Puts Windows Server At Risk

A mysterious hacking group recently leaked what seems to be NSA's suspected spying tools.

Security Sun Apr 16 2017

Oops, The FCC Is Reversing The Proposal To Allow Passengers To Use Cellphones During US Flights

The FCC is withdrawing a proposal that would allow air travelers to use their phones during a flight

Security Thu Apr 13 2017

Microsoft to End Support for Windows Vista Starting Today

Microsoft will no longer be proving any technical support should there be any more problems with the old operating system.

Security Wed Apr 12 2017

Android & iOS devices Can Be Breached By Malicious Wi-Fi Networks According To Reports

Recently, a Google security researcher revealed a flaw that affects today's operating systems.

Security Sun Apr 09 2017

Uber Security Bug: Hacker Gets Free Unlimited Uber Rides

By exploiting a security bug in Uber, a hacker was able to get free unlimited ride in India and the U.S., but the loophole has been identified and fixed by the ride-hailing company.

Security Sat Mar 04 2017

AOL Inc Will Disable Older & Less Secure Third-Party App Access to AIM Beginning March 28

AOL Inc has announced that it's yanking support for the MD5 hash function, which is associated with password authentication.

Security Thu Mar 02 2017

Facebook Artificial Intelligence Tool Being Harnessed to Fight Live-Streaming Suicide Acts; Facebook Partnered With Several Mental Health Organizations

Through Facebook Artificial Intelligence tool, users who are at-risk of committing suicide will be prompted automatically right on their devices.

Security Thu Mar 02 2017

Latest Xiaomi MIUI 8.2 Stable ROM Now Available for Xiaomi Mi Mix and Mi Note 2, Mi 5 and Redmi Note 3 Getting Update Next

The latest software update for the company's popular launcher is now available for several other Xiaomi models.

Security Wed Mar 01 2017

Microsoft Vulnerability Management: Here's How To Cut Windows PC Threats By 94%

Endpoint security firm Avecto proposes a weird way to avert vulnerabilities in Microsoft products - turn off administrator rights.

Security Tue Feb 28 2017

Google Chrome Faces Sophisticated New Malware; Targets WordPress & Language Pack

Hackers are getting more and more sophisticated in gathering personal and sensitive information and Google is under attack.

Security Sun Feb 26 2017

Amazon Refuses To Disclose Data From Its Echo To Police Authorities Investigating A Murder Case

Amazon claims their deive is protected by the First Amendment.

Security Sat Feb 25 2017

Most Secured Messaging, Video & Call Apps of 2017: Signal, Secure Chat, Telegram & Ceerus

Several mobile messaging apps are barging the scene to offer secured communication alternatives amidst privacy issue that plagues the internet.

Security Fri Feb 24 2017

European Union Questions Wndows 10 Data Collecting Policy Anew; Microsoft Responds By Prepping Creators Update

A year has lapsed since privacy advocates from European Union wrote to Microsoft about Windows 10 gathering data from users but the watchdog is still unhappy about the tech giant's response.

Security Thu Feb 23 2017

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