Effective Methods for iPhone Spy without Trouble

Use of spy apps is increasing because everyone has its reasons to monitor data of an iPhone. Parents want this to the app to monitor the online activities of their children. A wife may use spy software on a cheating husband. Moreover, employers evaluate the productivity of employees through this spy app. Current technology allows you to spy on a person without his/her agreement.

Mobile Mon Jul 22 2019

Why Fears Over Smartphone 'Addiction' are Based on Flawed Evidence

Most studies into the impact of technology use on psychological wellbeing rely on flawed measures say, researchers. Surveys are often used to understand how people use their smartphone, but these are poorly related to actual smartphone use when measured with an app.

Mobile Thu Jul 11 2019

Infectious Diseases Could be Diagnosed with Smartphones in Sub-Saharan Africa

The review, published in Nature, outlines how healthcare workers in low-income countries, like those in sub-Saharan Africa, could use existing smartphones to diagnose, track and control infectious diseases in low-income countries.

Mobile Mon Jul 01 2019

Security Gaps Identified in LTE Mobile Telephony Standard

By abusing security weaknesses in the LTE mobile telephony standard, attackers are able to identify which web pages a user visits and to reroute him to a scam website. This is the result of a study carried out by security experts from Horst Görtz Institute at Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

Mobile Thu Jun 27 2019

Australian Drivers Ready to Embrace Phone Restriction Apps -- If They Can Still Talk

Almost 70 percent of drivers would be willing to install smartphone apps that block texting and browsing according to new QUT research - but only if they can still do hands-free calls and listen to Bluetooth music.

Mobile Thu Jun 13 2019

User Control and Transparency are Key to Trusting Personalized Mobile Apps

As concerns about privacy increase for people using mobile apps, users' trust, and engagement may hinge on perceptions about how the app uses their data and whether it seeks user input before delivering personalized services, according to researchers. However, their reactions may also depend on how familiar a user is with technology, they added.

Mobile Tue Jun 04 2019

Security gaps identified in LTE mobile telephony standard

Depression is linked to diminished activity in parts of the brain believed to regulate mood, which previous research suggests may explain

Mobile Fri May 24 2019

Xiaomi Foldable Phone May Arrive In 2019

Xiaomi and Oppo are reportedly busy working on getting hold of the right components to, finally, unleash their first foldable phones.

Mobile Tue Jul 31 2018

iPhone 8 Latest News & Update: Next iPhone Might Get A Late Launch

Fans of the upcoming iPhone 8 might have to wait a little longer as recent reports suggest that the next iPhone will have a delayed release.

Mobile Thu Apr 20 2017

Google Earth Lets Users Explore & Enjoy The Planet With New & Improved Features

Google is giving Google Earth a new look and features that will let the users enjoy the planet in a whole new way.

Mobile Thu Apr 20 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Latest News: Users Complain Display Giving Off Red Tint

Another issue has been raised against Samsung galaxy S8, this time, users claim that the device gives off a red tint on its display.

Mobile Thu Apr 20 2017

iPhone 8 Latest News: Apple Reportedly Plans To Sell A Massive 230 Million New iPhones

The Cupertino-based tech giant reportedly is planning to sell 230 million iPhones this year.

Mobile Thu Apr 20 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Passes With Flying Colors On The Latest Scratch & Bend Test

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has passed with full marks the latest bend and scratch test conducted by JerryRigEverything.

Mobile Thu Apr 20 2017

Apple Orders 200 million Chips for Next iPhones, Targets 100 Million Units Sold for 2017

Apple has requested its suppliers to deliver at least 50 million chips per quarter starting next month.

Mobile Thu Apr 20 2017

Huawei MediaPad T3, MediaPad T3 7 Tablets Goes Official Without Much Fanfare [VIDEO]

Huawei has quietly launched a couple of low-priced tablets dubbed, MediaPad T3 and MediaPad T3 7. Despite giving fans a glimpse of the devices' specifications, the company has kept their pricing and availability details under wraps.

Mobile Thu Apr 20 2017

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