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'Star Wars Battlefront 2' Latest News: DICE Applied Massive Overhaul To The Latest Game; Changes In Vehicles, Heroes, Space Commande & More

"Starwars Battlefront 2" has been recently revealed during the "Star Wars" Celebration and juicy details about the massive game changes has been disclosed by DICE.

PC Games Mon Apr 17 2017

'Bayonetta' PC Announced: 4K Support, Advanced Graphics & More Details Revealed; Watch The Trailer Here [VIDEO]

Sega's cult classic action game 'Bayonetta' has just arrived on Steam bearing a reasonable price tag of $19.99.

PC Games Wed Apr 12 2017

'Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2' Free to Play Weekend Has Started, Standard & Deluxe Edition Discounted; Here's How to Take Advantage of It

"Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" is free to play this weekend for all Xbox Live Gold members where they can play the entire game completely free.

PC Games Sat Mar 04 2017

'The Sims 4': How to Do the Child's Homework & How to Speed It up [STEPS]

Doing the child's homework in "The Sims 4" takes at least an hour and half of game time but with having one of the parents to assist him, the game time is being cut in half.

PC Games Sat Mar 04 2017

'Tekken 7' Update: Eddy Gordo Returns, Will Feature Same Play Style

Eddy Gordo, the Brazilian capoeira master, will be included in "Tekken 7." A new trailer was released by Bandai Namco for the character.

PC Games Fri Mar 03 2017

'No Man's Sky': Hello Games Won Innovation Award at GDC But Wasn't There to Receive It; Here's Why

Developer Hello Games best known for creating "No Man's Sky" won an award at the GDC Awards but were absent because they did not expect to win.

PC Games Fri Mar 03 2017

'Borderlands 3' News & Update: New Game Coming Up With Better Graphics, New Characters & New Technology? Nintendo Switch Version Not Happening?

We have sum up the main "Borderlands 3" news and updates for our fans for better awareness. Find out what is up with the upcoming game.

PC Games Fri Mar 03 2017

'Overwatch' New Character Orisa Lore, Weapon, Skills And Abilities. New Hero Now Available In PTR Server

The next 'Overwatch' character is Orisa, the tank type character is created by Efi Oladele and can now be played in the game's PTR server.

PC Games Fri Mar 03 2017

'For Honor' Patch 1.03 Released, Big Stat and Attack Changes for Valkyrie, Peacekeepers, Berserkers and Conquerors

The big "For Honor" Patch 1.03 was released earlier in the week and contained some hefty changes to several character classes.

PC Games Thu Mar 02 2017

Best AMD Ryzen 7 Gaming PC Bundles and Motherboard Deals for March 2017

With the vast amounts of motherboards and AMD Ryzen CPUs to choose from, it may require a lot of research to find the best system for each particular need.

PC Games Thu Mar 02 2017

'Rogue Trooper Redux' Remake Of The Original 2000AD Comic Game Headed To Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox And PC

'Rogue Trooper Redux' the remake of the 2006 Rebellion third-person shooter game will be released to PS4, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch.

PC Games Wed Mar 01 2017

'7 Days To Die' Alpha 16: Latest Update Reveals New Zombies, New Buildings & More Found In Developer Diary

The developer diary has revealed more game changes is coming with "7 Days To Die" Alpha 16 update including new zombies, new buildings and new turrets among others.

PC Games Tue Feb 28 2017

'Final Fantasy 7' Remake Might Not Possibly Have HD Collection; Game Director Explains Why

the upcoming "Final Fantasy 7" Remake might not possibly have an HD Collection as Tetsuya explains the reasons.

PC Games Tue Feb 28 2017

'Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands' Shows New Avatar After Open Beta Ends; Here's How to Get it

"Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands" announces an avatar given for free, themed as a character from the said game.

PC Games Tue Feb 28 2017

'Halo Wars 2' Comes Second in Charts; Flashback from Years Ago Shows Title's Same Popularity; Here are the Other Games

Fans of "Halo Wars 2" will be glad to know that their favorite game ranked second in the UK charts.

PC Games Tue Feb 28 2017

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