'Deadpool 2' Casting Update: 'Stanger Things' Actor Screen Testing For Cable Role

20th Century Fox is now eyeing the "Stanger Things" actor, David Harbour, for the role in the upcoming movie.

Movies Fri Mar 03 2017

Le Fou Of ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Is 1st Openly Gay Disney Character

Disney makes movie history by revealing that Le Fou, a character in "Beauty and the Beast:" that would come out of his closet and admit he is gay.

Movies Thu Mar 02 2017

'Justice League' Movie Update: Zack Snyder Releases New Aquaman Underwater Footage

The new "Justice League" movie footage give fans their first look at Aquaman's realm and how he actually swims underwater.

Movies Thu Mar 02 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi News: J. J. Abrams Declares Hamill's Performance In Upcoming Movie to be Deserving of an Oscar

J. J. Abrams recently revealed just how amazed he was at Hamill's performance in the upcoming "Star Wars: The Last Jedi."

Movies Wed Mar 01 2017

Hayao Miyazaki Emerges From Retirement to Work on a New Film

Will Hayao Miyazaki's upcoming film be a full-length version of the CG short "Boro the Caterpillar?"

Movies Tue Feb 28 2017

'Nightwing' Movie Update: 'Lego Batman's' Director Will Helm the Upcoming Live-Action Solo Movie

Dick Grayson is set to join the DCEU in an upcoming "Nightwing" live-action movie.

Movies Mon Feb 27 2017

'Power Rangers Ninja Steel' Episode 5: Victor & Monty Are the Real MVPs; Actor Caleb Bendit Says Monty Is His Favorite Role

“Power Rangers Ninja Steel” official Twitter account appears to have urged fans to stop rooting for Victor and Monty.

Movies Mon Feb 27 2017

'Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry' Movie Will Be Released May 6; Characters, Design Details & More

"Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry" anime movie will be released on May 6. Here are the details about the characters, design, and cast, among others.

Movies Sun Feb 26 2017

Simon Kinberg in Talks to Direct 'X-Men: Supernova'

Writer and producer Simon Kinberg will allegedly helm "X-Men: Supernova," the rumored film that will focus on the Dark Phoenix arc.

Movies Sat Feb 25 2017

Netflix: Here Are the Movies & TV Shows Leaving & Coming Soon

With March almost upon us, TV shows & movies will have to leave and come to Netflix soon.

Movies Fri Feb 24 2017

‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ Live-Action Film Release Date Announced; Tickets Available With Discounts? CG Alphonse Elric Photos Revealed

“Fullmetal Alchemist” live-action film release date is set on December 1. Meanwhile, a clear photo of CG-created Alphonse Elric has been revealed.

Movies Fri Feb 24 2017

Keanu Reeves Shares 'Bill & Ted 3' Plot Details

Keanu Reeves obliged when Graham Norton asked him for updates on "Bill and Ted 3," the upcoming sequel in the "Bill and Ted" film franchise.

Movies Thu Feb 23 2017

'Avengers: Infinity Wars' Cast Rumors, Who Will Make Big Superhero Cameos?

Read on to find out which new characters will join our heroes in "Avengers: Infinity War."

Movies Thu Feb 23 2017

'Thor: Ragnarok' Star Tom Hiddleston Teases What Loki Will Be Up To In The 'Thor' Sequel

Tom Hiddleston has shared his thoughts on Loki's role in "Thor: Ragnarok."

Movies Wed Feb 22 2017

Zack Snyder Hints On New ‘Justice League’ Trailer, And It's Coming Soon

The film, “Justice League,” is set to release its newest trailer soon.

Movies Wed Feb 22 2017

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