‘The Originals’ Season 4 Release Related To 'The Vampire Diaries' Finale? Klaus To Be Destroyed By Hope, To Have More Intimate Scenes With Caroline?

14 December 2016, 7:30 am EST By Kirsten Kane Mobile & Apps

"The Originals" Season 4 is slated to premiere on March 2017 on The CW; and though fans have to wait a little longer for the show to return, rumors and speculations about it are already circulating on the Internet.

Rumors are rife that the showrunner, Julie Plec has intentionally set the premiere right after the last episode of "The Vampire Diaries" Season 8 on March 17, 2017. It seems like the ending of the vampire series will be picked up for the premiere episode of "The Originals" Season 4.

Many believed that the series' premiere will have a connection to the finale episode of the vampire horror series. In addition, fans were hoping that Caroline may have a big part to play.

Previously, it has been reported that Klaus Mikaelson will wake up from a coma after the Season 4 premiere and possibly his relationship with Marcel will not be too pleasant.

Meanwhile, according to executive producer Michael Narducci, Klaus and Hayley will have a good relationship when The CW series returns as they will be the parents of a special little girl, Hope.

"He was able to do what he had to in order to save his siblings, and he was able to trust his child in the hands of this woman he has come to respect and trust more than he does a lot of other people. They trust and each other and will do whatever it takes to protect their kid, and I think you'll start to see a lot more of that. They're not lovers, but they're parents of this girl, and they have to be in concert if they're going to do everything they need to do to raise her and protect her."

However, there were speculations that state Klaus might be saved or destroyed by Hope. It has been said that the 7-year-old might have a vengeful heart when it comes to family.

Furthermore, rumors have it that Klaus and Caroline might have more intimate scenes in the upcoming series since their last physical appearance on screen together was when Caroline gave into her feelings with Klaus in one moment of weakness if he swears to never comeback in Mystic Falls and bother her once again.

The Information about "The Originals" Season 4 is still very little and fans have to wait patiently for the series to return and find out what's next to happen.

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