'Borderlands 3' News And Update: Next Sequel Set In An Alien Planet?

25 October 2016, 7:35 am EDT By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps

As "Borderlands 3" easter eggs have been hunted by players of "Battlebord Story Operation," fans learn a bit more of what the third game in the series' direction will be and where it could possibly set off.

Gaming news site MentalMars recently reported that the hunt for the easter eggs for "Borderlands 3" in the first story DLC for "Battleborn" turned out to be pretty productive. For those who haven't tried looking yet or have not found it, one major easter egg could be found behind on of the gates in Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion.

Most Jennerit themed maps have graffiti scattered all over, but this one location stands out really odd from the rest. For some who have seen it for the first time, it looks like some gibberish, but after a minute or two of careful observation, the letters actually appears slightly legible.

Another giveaway is the Vault icon, which can only be seen in the game "Borderlands" and using it as an additional letter to the rest of what have been discovered, it would actually make more sense.

The letters arranged will spell "Promethea."

Note: There are potential spoilers down below for those who haven't played any of the "Borderlands" game yet.

This is the name of the planet in the "Borderlands" universe where the Atlas corporation found the alien technology. This corporation have reverse engineered it, making it possible to upgrade starships and weaponry that we all see scattered around in Pandora.

The Crimson Lance also hangs out on the planet along with General Knoxx.

Aside from this, there aren't concrete details yet regarding "Borderlands 3" plot, setting or let alone, the development progress, but given the strong impression that the easter egg from "Battleborn" shows, it may be safe to bet that the "Borderlands 3" may actually pit players in an Alien territory.

Stay tuned for more "Borderlands 3" news and updates.

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